Bulgarian Resorts

By Darina

Jun 18

As the legend has it, when God created the Earth He gave a gift to every country. The nice sea shores to Spain, the mighty Alps to Austria, the Seine river to France. When He finished his work, there was nothing left for the small Bulgaria. Therefor, He took a small piece of every gift, and gave it to Bulgaria.

There are a lot of different kinds of resorts in Bulgaria. For summer – the beaches on the Black sea or some of the old fashioned villages in the mountains. For winter – the ski resorts or visiting some of the bigger cities. A summer (or spring) in Bulgaria:

  • Sozopol – It is a very nice sea resort and is also an ancient village. There are a lot of nice hotels, good restaurants and lovely beaches. Also, the old part of the town is from the 19th century and presents the typical houses for that period. There are some amazing restaurants there, with view to the sea and the beach.
  • Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatsi) – This is one of the biggest resorts. There are a lot of luxurious hotels and golden sand beaches (as you can see from the name).
  • Nesebar – This town is one of the most ancient in Europe and as you can expect, there is an old town as well as sunny beaches. If you are interested in archeology you can find some interesting buildings there. Don’t forget to see the old mill of the town.
  • Balchik – A nice sea resort. What you can see there is a small castle build by the Romanian queen, when the lands were occupied by Romania. There is also a botanical garden.
  • Primorsko – This resort is in the most south parts of the Bulgarian seashore. What is interesting there is the Ropotamo river which goes into the sea. Around the river the lands are protected because of some unique animals. If you go there do take the little boat and float a bit on the Ropotamo river.
  • Rodopi mountain – This is the perfect place for summer if you can’t stand the heat. The Rodopi mount has some of the nicest old villages with wonderful clear air and friendly people. There you can visit Smolian or Chepelare or Bachkovo.
  • Veliko Tarnovo – This is a town build on a hill. What is interesting there is the medieval castle. If you go there, do check if the light show will be in the time when you’re visiting. It’s worth to see it. It is a show of light and music in the old castle which is performed at night. If you go there do visit also Etara. This is an ethnological museum which is an actual old fashioned Bulgarian village. There you can see how the old Bulgarians have worked, you can try Turkish coffee with white jam and see how the people back in age have performed their crafts.

A winter (or autumn) in Bulgaria:

  • Sofia – The capital of the country is also its biggest city. There are various entertainment there – theater, cinema, musical fests, exhibitions, disco clubs and nightlife. There are also some museums and interesting sights such as the church Aleksander Nevsky, The National Palace of Culture, Sveta Nedelia church, The Park of Liberty, etc. During winter season there is a ski path in the nearby mount Vitosha which is enlightened even at night. There are a lot of bars, pubs and restaurants which have very attractive prices.
  • Plovdiv – This town is actually lovely at every season. There is an old part of the town which is very romantic, as well as a new modern part. Plovdiv is lately a town of culture, and there are usually a lot of interesting events. If you go there during warmer time do go to the old Roman amphitheater where they act and perform operas.
  • Bansko – If you are more keen on winter sports, you can visit Bansko. This is a nice town between two of the highes mountains in Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin. There are several ski paths there and a lot of good hotels.
  • Pamporovo – This is another ski resort. There are a lot of hotels and this place is especially good for ski.

This, of course, is not a full list of good Bulgarian resorts. However I do hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions and/or you want more information, please feel free to leave a comment.

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