Bulgarian Music

By Darina

May 25

“The Mistery of Bulgarian Voices” is not a name given by chance. The video above shows the most cherished Bulgarian song and singer – Izlel e Delio Haidutin by Valya Balkanska. This song has been chosen to be a part of the Voyager Golden Record selection of music included in the two Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. Most Bulgarians are quite proud of that 😉

Traveller hint: If you like digging in the culture of the country you are visiting, and you like virgin forests and restful vacations you should go to the village of Gela. It is very small, but has the biggest folklore school for singing Bulgarian traditional music. Also, the nature is stunning and it is a great and quiet place to rest.

The Bulgarian traditional music varies a bit in the different parts of the country. The presented song is typical one for the Rodopi mount region. The distinctive regions are Dobrudzha, Sofia, Rodopi, Macedonia, Thrace and the Danube shore. The most famous traditional Bulgarian instrument is the bagpipe. However, there are also some other typical Bulgarian instruments like gadulka (guitar like instrument), kaval (similar to flute) and typan (drum). Besides the interesting voices and singing techniques, the traditional dancing which accompany the Bulgarian music is quite specific as well. The Horo dance is specific Bulgarian entertainment from the old times. It also varies depending of the music – fast or slow and also depending on the region in the country. The best way to show you what it is is to post another video below. Enjoy!

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