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Jan 10

Visiting Varna

By Darina | General , Travel

Varna, also known as The Sea Capital of Bulgaria or The Black Sea Pearl, is the second-largest city in Bulgaria with population of about 500 000 people. It is also one of the most ancient cities in Europe with an extremely rich history and heritage. The oldest gold treasure in the world was discovered near Varna.
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Jan 01

Free Sofia Tour

By Darina Rossier | Culture , General , Travel

If you plan to visit Bulgaria and stay for a few days in Sofia, don’t miss the Free Sofia Tour. This tour is exactly what it sounds like: it is free and it is in Sofia.

Free Sofia Tour runs twice a day, every day, at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Bulgarian time, regardless of the weather and/or holidays. The tour guides are young enthusiasts who will show you around the most beautiful and interesting parts of the city centre, while telling you about Sofia’s history.

The meeting point for the tour is always the same. Here is a map that will help you get there:

View Free Sofia Tour in a larger map

If you want to reach the meeting point by subway, get off at Serdika subway station. Then pass by St. Nedelya church down the street until you reach the courthouse with the big iron lions in front of it. The meeting is by the left lion (if you are watching towards the courthouse).

If you go by taxi, simply tell them to drive you to “Sveta Nedelya” church (Tsuhrkvata Sveta Nedelia). Then all you need to do is cross the street and walk towards the lions.

I hope these instructions will be helpful. If you happen to be visiting Varna or Plovdiv, there are similar free tours there as well.

So if you have already seen Sofia’s centre, do tell: How did you like it?

Oct 17

Learn Bulgarian on the iPad and iPhone

By Darina Rossier | General , Language

Since today our videos with the 100 Bulgarian phrases can be watched on almost any mobile device like iPad or iPhone (it even works on Android phones). To access the videos simply open the page with the phrases on your device and it will automatically work.

If you don’t have access to the 100 Bulgarian phrases, you can subscribe on the right side of this page. Its completly free and you will receive even more materials by time until we launch our full course.

And by the way, we also enabled audio downloads on that page. You find a download link below each video.

Feb 25


By Darina | General


We are sorry we could not write lately but we’ve been very busy with the creation of the course. There is still quite some work left but we hope that we will be able to launch it in just a few weeks!

We will update you more on the progress these days. Until then, here is a little teaser:

Jan 12

Availability of

By Michel | General

Hey there!

In the past three days we had some problems with our server and for a lot of users the website was not available at all. We are very sorry about that.

Consequence: We moved yesterday to a new and more powerful server. So we hope that this will prevent such incidents in the future.

Thanks for your patience!

Best regards and looking forward,