Nouns and Definite Article

In English we use the words a and an before nouns when we speak generally about them. In Bulgarian there is no indefinite article. If you want to stress that the noun is some general object you can use the words един, една, едно, which mean one (in masculine, feminine and neuter forms). If you want to speak generally about a morning, you just say утро, or едно утро. However, if you want to speak about a certain morning, things are different.

In English the definite article the is used before the word. In Bulgarian, it is a suffix of the noun. Let’s see the previous example. If we want to say “the morning” in Bulgarian, we will say утрото.

The bad news is that the different genders of nouns use different suffix to from the definite article. The word утро is neuter and therefore, uses the suffix -то. If we use the word вечер which is feminine, the suffix would be -та. Вечерта. Here is the rule:

[table id=11 /]

* -ът and -ят are used only when the nouns is a subject in the sentence. When speaking Bulgarian, it does not matter which one you use.

After you check the table, try to make the definite articles of the following words:

  • бар
  • ванилия
  • картоф
  • лава
  • сладолед

When done, click here to see the results.

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