5 Reasons to Learn Bulgarian


Impress Bulgarians

Most Bulgarians would never expect you to speak their language.
So they are often impressed and surprised if you greet them in their native language or if you order your
food in Bulgarian at the restaurant. Fun is guaranteed!

Bulgarians will highly appreciate your efforts to learn the language.


Get Around Easier

Not all signs in Bulgaria are printed in Latin letters. Even in the capital, many signs are printed in Cyrillic only.
If you are able to read the Bulgarian alphabet, you will automatically get around easier.
You will understand many words, if you are just able to read them. For example:

София (reads "Sofia") 
Ресторант (reads: "Restaurant")

You will understand those words by just being able to read them in Cyrillic. And you can learn the Bulgarian alphabet, with the right method, in just a few days if not hours.


Connect With Bulgarians

The more words and phrases you understand, the better you can communicate with Bulgarians.
Even if many young Bulgarians speak English, they will appreciate it a lot if they hear you using Bulgarian
vocabulary every now and then. And once you learn the most used words, you're good to go.


Be More Self-Sufficient

Even if you are not yet able to speak the language fluently, knowing basic Bulgarian will help
you grasp the meaning of a conversation or an announcement. You will have the tools to handle
different everyday situations easier. This will make you more confident and self-sufficient during your stay in Bulgaria.


Have Fun

If you have already mastered a second language you know what a great advantage knowing a
second language can be, as well as how fun it is.

Bulgarian is a beautiful language. The more you learn about it the more fascinating it gets. It's worth the effort to learn it.

Now if you ask yourself

How do I learn Bulgarian in an easy, effective way?​

The answer is...

Learning by quickly experiencing positive results, using modern media and avoiding long hours of complicated grammar. That's how we created the QuickStart Bulgarian online video course with 36 video lessons that will help you achieve the above-mentioned 5 benefits of learning Bulgarian. 

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What our students say...

... Your online course is by far the best of all the ones I’ve looked at. It’s lively and interesting, with truly useful vocabulary and phrases. Best of all is your understanding of how hard the pronunciation of a new language can be — the sheer difficulty of producing unfamiliar sounds and then stringing them together in the correct rhythms. ...

Alexandra Whitacker 
Author, Spain -

I want thank you for all your lessons . I have learned enough for travelling last year , and I appreciate all the work and time you spent making this wonderful course. I live in Brasil , and my daughter in Bulgaria , and you have taught me to say basics words greetings and phrases to her husband`s family ...


Quick start Bulgarian is a wonderful tool for learning Bulgarian. The team is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond in answering questions. The site provides a resource rich in content that facilitates ease in grasping phrases. Reading while listening to the well annunciated audio at a steady pace really helps in developing correct pronunciation. I highly recommend quick start Bulgarian.

Ben Peters 
United States