We need Articles About Bulgarian Travel Tips, Customs etc.

More and more people are interested to learn Bulgarian. Since 2009 more than 200’000 people visited That’s why we are currently rebuilding the whole platform and we need more articles about Bulgaria, its language, customs and travel tips. Help us by writing useful and interesting articles. We will pay you for every article we publish.

What are we looking for?

We need articles about the following topics:

  • Bulgaria and its customs and rituals
  • Bulgarian travel tips
  • What do foreigners need to know when they come to Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian feast days
  • Bulgarian history
  • Your ideas that could benefit a foreigner in Bulgaria, be creative!
  • Topical Bulgarian lessons

Characteristics of the articles:

  • Interesting facts
  • Authentic, fresh, engaging writing style
  • The articles must be delivered in English

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a professional writer?

Not necessarily, but the better you write, the more articles we will order from you. 

How much do you pay for an article?

This depends on how much we need an article, how many words the article will contain and your experience. We can agree on fixed terms after we published more than 2 articles of you. If you want to know a specific amount, simply follow step #1 below and we will tell you how much we would pay for your article

Do I need to write perfect English?

No, each article will be edited by an editor. But the better your English, the more we can pay you for future articles.

In what format do you need the article?

We are very uncomplicated. You can send us the article over a special form or by e-mail in a Word or plain text format. Please do not send it as PDF, as we had quite some problems with that in the past. 

How does it work?

We cannot accept every article, that is why it is important that you first tell us your ideas, that you want to write about. Then we will order the article from you. Do not write the article before we tell you the amount we can pay for it. Follow these steps:

1. Send us a Title and a short description

Use this form and send us a title and a short description of what you want to write about and how much time you approximately will need to write the article. That way we can evaluate if it fits into our current schedule of topics.


4 Bulgarian Beach Resorts Tips

I want to write an article about the places Nessebar, Sozopol, Sunny beach and Primorsko and explain about the advantages and insider tips of these places. I know those places by experience and have a lot of interesting facts.

I need around 1 week to write the article

2. We will review your idea and tell you if we need the article currently

You will get an e-mail from us within 72 hours and we will tell you if we accept your idea or not. If we accept it, we will suggest to you how many words (usually between 500 and 1200 words) we need and how much we want to invest into your article.

3. If you agree to those terms, let us know and you can start writing the article

4. Payment

After you send us the article and we see that it fits our requirements, you will receive the agreed amount within 72 hours.


For every article that we accept:

  • You get paid the agreed amount within 72 hours
  • You have the right to be named as the author if you explicitly wish
  • You guarantee that your article is unique and was written by you solely for and no other website
  • You may not use the article on any other website
  • We get the right to use the text in unlimited ways on our blog, paid membership site, newsletter and social media channels
  • We can edit, change and extend the article freely to our needs

If you need different terms, please let us know about that before we give you the order to write the article. We want to work with you in the long term and have a good relationship.

Do you have further questions?

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to write Darina. She gladly will help you.

If you need input on how you could structure your articles, check out this article.