How to Ask Questions?

There are two ways to ask questions in Bulgarian. One is by using words such as: where, who, what, how, etc. The other is by using the particle ли after the verb. Let’s see in more details how both ways work.

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Note that in Bulgarian “how much” and “how many” are both колко. It makes no difference if the word is countable or not.

In order to create questions with the words in the video, you have to switch the order of pronouns and verbs, as in English:

Кой си ти? (Who are you?)

However, in Bulgarian the pronouns are not required because the verb’s ending shows it. For example, the previous sentence is also correct that way:

Кой си? (Who are you?)

Here are some more examples of questions with the words above:

[content_box_paper_white width=”100%”]Кога отиваш? (When do you go?)
На кого е това? (Whose is this?)
Как си? (How are you?)
Защо харесваш това? (Why do you like this?)
От кога седиш тук? (How long are you sitting here?)
Колко захар искаш? (How much sugar do you want?)[/content_box_paper_white] [membership_headline]The Particle Ли[/membership_headline]

The word ли does not mean anything by itself. It is only used to form questions. In order to form a question using ли, you simply have to add it after the verb in the sentence. For example:

Той обича сирене. (He loves cheese.)
Той обича ли сирене? (Does he love cheese?)

Говориш български. (You speak Bulgarian.)
Говориш ли български? (Do you speak Bulgarian?)

A little note: In Bulgarian, when we want to express how much we like a food, we always use обичам (love), instead of харесвам (like).

If you want to stress on the adjective in the sentence you can put the ли at the end of it.

Плуваш ли бързо? (Do you swim fast?)
Бързо ли плуваш? (Do you swim fast?)

The verb is not always necessary in order to form a question with the word ли. For example:

Той ли? (Him?)
Зелено ли? (Green?)

Now, for an exercise, try to ask the following questions:

  • Do you want some water?
  • Where is the hospital?
  • Whose is the spoon?
  • Do you like the supper?
  • Are you coming?
  • Do you like (love) red peppers?
When done, you can see the answers here.
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