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Oct 17

Learn Bulgarian on the iPad and iPhone

By Darina Rossier | General , Language

Since today our videos with the 100 Bulgarian phrases can be watched on almost any mobile device like iPad or iPhone (it even works on Android phones). To access the videos simply open the page with the phrases on your device and it will automatically work.

If you don’t have access to the 100 Bulgarian phrases, you can subscribe on the right side of this page. Its completly free and you will receive even more materials by time until we launch our full course.

And by the way, we also enabled audio downloads on that page. You find a download link below each video.

Dec 09

Learn Bulgarian Relationship Vocabulary

By Michel | Language , Learning

Today we launched our promised video about Bulgarian relationship vocabulary. Learn more than 30 Bulgarian phrases in the areas of “Love and Romance”, “Parents to children” and “Friends”. Additionally we added to the video an audio version, which you can download and use on your computer or mobile device to learn Bulgarian. And last but not least, you find at the end of this post the transcription of the phrases.

1. Video

2. Audio Version

Download MP3 Version to learn the Relationship Vocabulary lesson on your mobile device (ipod, iphone or any mp3 player)

3. Transcription Bulgarian / English

Download as PDF (easier to print)

Bulgarian Vocabulary: Love and Romance

Харесвам те
Haresvam te
I like you

И аз те харесвам
I az te haresvam
I like you too

Обичам те
Obeecham te
I love you

И аз те обичам
Ee az te obeecham
I love you too

Липсваш ми
Lipsvash mee
I miss you

И ти ми липсваш
Ee tee mee lipswash
I miss you too

Винаги си в мислите ми
Veenagee see v meesleete mee
You are always in my thoughts

Много си сладък/сладка
Mnogo see sladhuk/sladka
You are cute

Разчитам на теб
Razcheetam na teb
I rely on you

Мога ли да те целуна?
Moga lee da te tseluna?
Can I kiss you?

Не, твърде е рано
Ne, twuhrde e rano
No, it‘s too early

Стигаш твърде далече!
Steegash twuhrde daleche
You carry things too far!

I am sorry

Няма нищо Neeama nishto It‘s okay

Можеш ли да ми простиш?
Mozhesh lee da mee prosteesh?
Can you forgive me?

Да, прощавам ти
Da, proshtavam tee
Yes, I forgive you

Правиш ме толкова щастлив(а)
Praveesh me tolkova shtastleev(a)
You make me so happy

Bulgarian Vocabulary: Parents to Children

Искаш ли да играем?
Eeskash lee da eegraem?
Would you like to play?

Да, искам
Da, eeskam
Yes, I want

Не, не ми се играе сега
Ne, ne mee se eegrae sega
No, I don‘t want to play now

Време е за лягане
Vreme e za leeagane
It‘s time to go to bed

Гладен/гладна ли си?
Gladen/gladna lee see?
Are you hungry?

Жаден/жадна ли си?
Zhaden/zhadna lee see?
Are you thirsty?

Вода или кола?
Voda eelee kola?
Water or Coke?

Трябва ли ти нещо?
Treeabva lee tee neshto?
Do you need something?

Хайде да излезнем на разходка
Haide da izleznem na razhodka
Let‘s go out for a walk

Bulgarian Vocabulary: Friends / People you know

Искаш ли да отидем в града?
Eeskash lee da otidem v grada?
Would you like to go to the city?

Искаш ли да отидем на кино?
Eeskash lee da otidem na kino?
Would you like to go to cinema?

Да, с удоволствие
Da, s oodovolstvie
Yes, I would love to

Кой е любимият ти филм?
Koi e liubeemeeat tee film?
What is your favourite movie?

Не, немога
Ne, nemoga
No, I cannot

Пожелавам ти успех
Pozhelavam tee oospeh
I wish you success

Можеш ли да говориш по-бавно?
Mozhesh lee da govoreesh po-bavno?
Can you speak a bit slower?

Неможах да те разбера
Nemozhah da te razbera
I couldn‘t understand you

Did you like it? What can we improve to teach you the Bulgarian language better and easier? Feel free to write a comment right below the the post.

Oct 27

Cyrillic (Bulgarian) alphabet in Windows

By Darina | Language , Learning

Let’s share a bit technical data.

A lot of you want to learn the Bulgarian alphabet. The first step for that is to set it up on your computers. That is how it works on Windows:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Double click on Regional and Language Options
  • Go to the Language tab
  • Click on the Details button. A new window will open.
  • Use the Add button
  • Find Bulgaria in the Input Language field
  • Click on the OK button and save all changes

Please, let us know if you have any difficulties with the instructions above. Thanks!

Sep 10

How to say Hello in Bulgarian

By Michel | Culture , Language , Learning

How to say hello in Bulgarian? It’s not always done with a simple word. But you can learn here within 2 minutes how to greet in Bulgarian.

If you talk to a single person, whom you know very well, you say “zdrasti” or “zdravey” and if you talk to a group of friends you say just “zdraveyte”.

There is a difference if you say hello to someone, whom you don’t really know yet. Then you greet according to the daytime. In the morning you would say “dobro utro”, during the day “dobar den” and at evening you greet this person with “dobar vecher”.

Watch the following video, which will show you how to pronounce the words correctly.

Hello in Bulgarian:

If you want to go further into this topic: Check how to introduce yourself in Bulgarian.

If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate and write a comment right below this post.

Aug 23

Bulgarian numbers

By Michel | Language , Learning

We are happy to announce that we have launched a video which will help you learn to count in Bulgarian. The video contains the numbers from 0 to 20. As in most European languages, the Bulgarian numbers from 0 to 12 are unique and has to be remembered. All the numbers up to 20 can be formed from them by adding a suffix. You can see the logic in the formation of all numbers in our free PDF, which you can recieve by using the form on the right side. However, in the video you can hear clearly the pronounciation of the numbers and learn them more easily. Here is the video with the Bulgarian numbers:

Note that the red letters in the video show where you have to stress the word, but anyway, you will hear this as well. Did you find our video helpful? Please, feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.

Jul 29

Romantic Bulgarian Phrases (Update)

By Darina | Language

Update: We just launched a video with Bulgarian relationship vocabulary.

Let’s start with the main love phrase:

I love you! 
Обичам те!
Obeecham te!

I like you!
Харесвам те!
Haresvam te!

I really like you.
Наистина те харесвам.
Naeestina te haresvam.

I miss you.
Липсваш ми.
Lipsvash mi.

Kiss me.
Целуни ме.
Tselunee me

May I kiss you?
Мога ли да те целуна?
Moga lee da te tseluna?

You are beautiful (to a woman).
Красива си.
Kraseeva si.

You are handsome (to a man)
Красив си.
Kraseev si.

…and a bit stronger:

Will you marry me (to a woman)?
Ще се омъжиш ли за мен?
Shte se omuhzhish li za men?

Will you marry me (to a man)?
Ще се ожениш ли за мен?
Shte se izhenish li za men?

I hope that list of basic love phrases in Bulgarian was useful to you!

Jun 15

Learn Bulgarian – Video Lesson

By Michel | Language

We just launched our first video lesson to learn Bulgarian. Learn in less than 3 minutes 18 Bulgarian phrases and words, which you can use when you meet people in Bulgaria. We would love to hear your feedback, so we can improve future videos to your needs and wishes!

May 20

100 Bulgarian phrases and words for free

By Michel | Language

We created a list with 100 Bulgarian phrases and words for you. You can get the PDF for free on our Homepage on or subscribe on the right side of this page. The list contains all kind of topics that are needed if you travel to Bulgaria or just want to talk easily to a bulgarian friend. 

Stay tuned, there is much more in the pipeline for the next weeks. The next thing will be a special video, so you learn how to pronounce the words and phrases correctly.