Romantic Bulgarian Phrases (Update)

By Darina

Jul 29

Update: We just launched a video with Bulgarian relationship vocabulary.

Let’s start with the main love phrase:

I love you! 
Обичам те!
Obeecham te!

I like you!
Харесвам те!
Haresvam te!

I really like you.
Наистина те харесвам.
Naeestina te haresvam.

I miss you.
Липсваш ми.
Lipsvash mi.

Kiss me.
Целуни ме.
Tselunee me

May I kiss you?
Мога ли да те целуна?
Moga lee da te tseluna?

You are beautiful (to a woman).
Красива си.
Kraseeva si.

You are handsome (to a man)
Красив си.
Kraseev si.

…and a bit stronger:

Will you marry me (to a woman)?
Ще се омъжиш ли за мен?
Shte se omuhzhish li za men?

Will you marry me (to a man)?
Ще се ожениш ли за мен?
Shte se izhenish li za men?

I hope that list of basic love phrases in Bulgarian was useful to you!

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