Bulgarian Relationship Vocabulary

By Michel | Language

Dec 09

Today we launched our promised video about Bulgarian relationship vocabulary. Learn more than 30 Bulgarian phrases in the areas of “Love and Romance”, “Parents to children” and “Friends”. Additionally we added to the video an audio version, which you can download and use on your computer or mobile device to learn Bulgarian. And last but not least, you find at the end of this post the transcription of the phrases.

1. Video

2. Audio Version

Download MP3 Version to learn the Relationship Vocabulary lesson on your mobile device (ipod, iphone or any mp3 player)

3. Transcription Bulgarian / English

Download as PDF (easier to print)

Bulgarian Vocabulary: Love and Romance

Харесвам те
Haresvam te
I like you

И аз те харесвам
I az te haresvam
I like you too

Обичам те
Obeecham te
I love you

И аз те обичам
Ee az te obeecham
I love you too

Липсваш ми
Lipsvash mee
I miss you

И ти ми липсваш
Ee tee mee lipswash
I miss you too

Винаги си в мислите ми
Veenagee see v meesleete mee
You are always in my thoughts

Много си сладък/сладка
Mnogo see sladhuk/sladka
You are cute

Разчитам на теб
Razcheetam na teb
I rely on you

Мога ли да те целуна?
Moga lee da te tseluna?
Can I kiss you?

Не, твърде е рано
Ne, twuhrde e rano
No, it‘s too early

Стигаш твърде далече!
Steegash twuhrde daleche
You carry things too far!

I am sorry

Няма нищо Neeama nishto It‘s okay

Можеш ли да ми простиш?
Mozhesh lee da mee prosteesh?
Can you forgive me?

Да, прощавам ти
Da, proshtavam tee
Yes, I forgive you

Правиш ме толкова щастлив(а)
Praveesh me tolkova shtastleev(a)
You make me so happy

Bulgarian Vocabulary: Parents to Children

Искаш ли да играем?
Eeskash lee da eegraem?
Would you like to play?

Да, искам
Da, eeskam
Yes, I want

Не, не ми се играе сега
Ne, ne mee se eegrae sega
No, I don‘t want to play now

Време е за лягане
Vreme e za leeagane
It‘s time to go to bed

Гладен/гладна ли си?
Gladen/gladna lee see?
Are you hungry?

Жаден/жадна ли си?
Zhaden/zhadna lee see?
Are you thirsty?

Вода или кола?
Voda eelee kola?
Water or Coke?

Трябва ли ти нещо?
Treeabva lee tee neshto?
Do you need something?

Хайде да излезнем на разходка
Haide da izleznem na razhodka
Let‘s go out for a walk

Bulgarian Vocabulary: Friends / People you know

Искаш ли да отидем в града?
Eeskash lee da otidem v grada?
Would you like to go to the city?

Искаш ли да отидем на кино?
Eeskash lee da otidem na kino?
Would you like to go to cinema?

Да, с удоволствие
Da, s oodovolstvie
Yes, I would love to

Кой е любимият ти филм?
Koi e liubeemeeat tee film?
What is your favourite movie?

Не, немога
Ne, nemoga
No, I cannot

Пожелавам ти успех
Pozhelavam tee oospeh
I wish you success

Можеш ли да говориш по-бавно?
Mozhesh lee da govoreesh po-bavno?
Can you speak a bit slower?

Неможах да те разбера
Nemozhah da te razbera
I couldn‘t understand you

Did you like it? What can we improve to teach you the Bulgarian language better and easier? Feel free to write a comment right below the the post.

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(26) comments

Michael December 10, 2009

When the the word/phrase is spoken in bulgarian the second time, it is spoken to fast, the second time should be a bit slower, to help with pronunciation.

Shantel December 11, 2009

Thank you so much I really learned a lot. Now I have things I can say to my husband. =)

Darina Rossier December 14, 2009

Michael and Shantel, thank you very much for your feedback!
That’s defenitly a point we are going to improve, that the repetition of the word will be slower. So everyone can understand how the word is formed.


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Le Thanh Hien April 8, 2010

Thank you so much for yr nice vocabulary. I learned a lot from it. It will help me a lot when I visit Bulgaria in near future.

Johnda April 23, 2010

I just needed to say thank you very much for offering this course. It helps me pracitce when I am apart from my BG boyfriend.

Norman June 9, 2010

Whilst listening to the video I find the background music distracting to the talking, do you need it?
Also the way that the small words roll into one, would it possible to repeat a third time? Only slower to understand the breakdown.
Because the sound does not sound like the words I am wreading.
It is still a good course though.

CHARLES HEDGES June 22, 2010


7ANN June 28, 2010

Hi, this website is very nice. It really helps me to learn Bulgarian. I made some memorycards with the Bulgarian word or sentence on the first side and Dutch (you can also write English) on the other side. This in combination with your pronouncuation is very nice.

I really like this site!
Този сайт е много добър

And for people who need more words in Bulgarian is really helpful.

Ashley June 30, 2010

I sent you guys this message on your youtube account, but just in case you don’t get a chance to read it, I figured I’d write it here aswell. 🙂

In your video on relationship vocabulary, you had a phrase that meant ‘you are always in my thoughts.’ Well, I had a question about that phrase. For the “Veenagee see v meesleete mee” (You are always in my thoughts), would that phrase make complete sense no matter who was saying it (male or famale)? And would it make sense in the situation of losing a boyfriend or girlfriend? As in after a break-up?

I ask because I just lost an amazing guy who happened to be Bulgarian. He was the first guy to ever make me feel beautiful, the first guy to ever want to have a real future with me, the first guy who cared for me just the way I was, the first guy who didn’t try to change me at all. I lost him because of my own stupidity, and I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo about him. At first, I wanted to get ‘I love you’ in Bulgarian, but then I came across this phrase ‘Veenagee see v meesleete mee’ and I thought it fit my feelings for him much better. So I wanted to know if the form of the phrase was correct for my situation. I don’t know much about the Bulgarian language. I don’t know about the grammar structure or anything else, but this is something that I really want to do. The last thing I would want is a typo in my tattoo. :/

Thank you very much!

Randy July 22, 2010

Do you guys have this Video available to download for ipod?

thanks 🙂

Gerald Davies September 5, 2010

Hello Darina, I do not know how you positioned the microphone but the male voice is coming through much clearer than the female. Google Translate are beginning to get it right although rammatically the translations leave a lot to desire. Ideally, a conversation in text will have the voice background and repeating the phrases. The learner should be able to listen and read this several times and that will be the lesson that he can print and store for future reference. I suggest that each phrase is spoken and repeated po bavno. Hope that helps. Eventually what would be ideal is for me to speak the words and phrases through my speech rcognition system and like they teach deaf children for those sound to fit into a pattern on the screen. The deaf child knows when the pronounciation is correct when his voice pattern fits exactly with the correct one. Remember although you are both speaking clearly (but possibly too fast) you are both speaking with an accent. I remember meeting a Bulgarian who spoke perfect English but with a Scottish accent and another who spoke with anAmerican accent because their teachers had been Scottish and American respectively. Here listening to a Bulgarian Plovdiv speaker and another from, say Lovech, even though I do not understand everything that is said, I can detect the different dialects. Hope this is helpful and not taken as a criticism.

Elisabeth September 14, 2010

This site is fantastic.We do not find so many possibilities in Belgium to learn Bulgarian language. I expect impatiently to receive more lessons like this. Thanks a lot. Elisabeth from Belgium

Rosana Moreno Lax October 24, 2010

Great!! thanks a lot!!! Im really learning easily and fast with your material. Unfortunately, in Spain there is no Bulgarian language schools 🙁
best wishes and thanks again

Barbara Kossy February 15, 2011

First, I’m learning to read the Cyrillic. It’s distracting to have the Cyrillic SMALLER than the other text.
I’d like to see it the same size, and more space between the lines separating the text from the translation.
It might be easier to read on a tan rather than white background.

Also, the guitar music is pleasant, but too loud.
The audio on the Bulgarian speaker is a bit muddy.

But thanks, I’ll use this for study.

Ceyhun March 20, 2011

Really , Thank you much . I can do practice with your mails .

Alex April 11, 2011

Awesome website, though on this link your MP3 link doesn’t work,

if you could rectify this, it would be so much better, I really would like to learn some of these phrases,

Thanks in advance,

Alternatively if anyone alread has the mp3 link, and would be kindf enough to share it with me,
let me know,



Luna April 30, 2011

This lessons are really useful!!good job. Blagodarja

ron May 2, 2011

very handy thanks getting the basics is better than expecting everyone to speak english or in my case scots !

    лина June 15, 2011

    Как избрахте да учите български език и защто? Винаги ми е било интересно защто чужденци искат да научат този език. Благодаря преджарително за вашия отговор. С увайение Лина

giovanni June 16, 2011

I received this message from a dear friend and would love to understand better… can you help me?
Thanks so much.

“Shte se postaraq prez povecheto vreme da sam, no ne i vinagi vse pak sme hora”

dr.v.p.sugumar November 17, 2011

It is nice to see ,hear and read Bulgarian language. I am having some friends at Bulgaria. So i want to read and speak Bulgarian landguage. Thank U for this help.

metshy1 January 23, 2012

i love it

Frederick January 25, 2012

@ Michael and Norman you need to hear the words ‘rushed’ as Bulgarians speak fast. Nobody understands me when I speak slowly and separate the words.

Try the English ” A nice cream” and “An ice cream” it is just context that tells us which is which.

I live in BG and am learning the language. I know all the main words here but the little words that make the difference between a ‘Foreigner’ speaking and a ‘Local’, are what I need and the speed is what you need as well.

Most helpful site Michel and Darina

Ben March 25, 2012

Thank you for this video! Do you have another video with the phrases spoken slower? That would help me very much. Thank you for your effort. 🙂


Dania April 15, 2013

I like every thing Except the music it is noisy to hear the words, and the Girl speaking twise too fast to learn..
Thats all

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